Number Nine Visual Technology (founded 1982 as Number Nine Computer Technology) specialized in high-end graphics cards. Their first designs were for the Apple II but shortly afterward they moved to IBM compatible PC with their „Revolution“ line of cards. After starting with full-length, custom-ASIC accelerated ISA cards for specific applications the company moved to accelerators for DOS- and Windows-based PCs. Alongside using S3 graphics supplement of graphics processors, Number Nine also used their own, in-house design dubbed Imagine-Series which incorporated the later models under the Ticket to Ride brand.

Most if not all of their cards contain references to the Beatles, especially in the shape of see-through prints of lyrics or song titles of the famous british rock group. I've pictured the cards I currently own with special care to show those hidden easter eggs.

Number Nine Imagine 128 Series II
Number Nine Imagine 128 Series II
Number Nine Imagine 128 Series II chip
Beatles Reference: We Love You Yeah Yeah Yeah
(PCI, 128 Bit Engine)

Number Nine Reality 772 (S3 Graphics ViRGE VX)
Number Nine Realiy 772
S3 Graphics' ViRGE VX chip
Beatles Reference: Rocky Racoon
(PCI, ViRGE chip)

Number Nine Revolution 3D (Ticket to Ride)

Number Nine Revolution 3D
Number Nine Ticket to Ride chip
Beatles Reference: You Say You Want A Revolution
(AGP, 8 MiByte WRAM, basic 3D functions)

Number Nine Revolution IV (Ticket to Ride IV)
Number Nine Revolution IV:
Number Nine Ticket to Ride IV chip
Beatles Reference: Bang, Bang... Your Silver Hammer
(AGP, 32 MiByte SDRAM, some 3D functions)

Number Nine SR9 (S3 Graphics Savage 4)

Number Nine SR9 
based on S3 Graphics' Savage 4 chipset
Beatles reference: Working... Eight Days A Week
(AGP, 8 MiByte SDRAM, advanced 3D functions)