• AMD: Ready. Willing. And ...

    It's not even ten days, since AMD announced its marketing campaign under the title of Ready. Willing. And Stable. In its course, leading PC enthusiast websites will carry AMD advertising. Among them is hardocp.com, one of the leading enthusiast websites without a doubt.

    Now, just yesterday this website published a sneek peak to AMDs upcoming dual-GPU card Radeon HD 6990, codenamed Antilles apparently out of the blue. Hardocp.com seems to be quite happy about their sample of Antilles, and while being bound by an NDA themselves, they state the following:
    While we cannot reveal the specifications or framerate numbers to you today, we will say this, we are happy with what AMD has provided.
    Meanwhile the rest of PC-land and mainly the old world over here in europe is about to embark for this year's Cebit, still the largest IT fair, and surely would not have proper time anyway to prepare thorough reviews for a possible launch of the Radeon HD 6990 in a few days time.

    Under these circumstances, maybe it is a good thing to have someone independent to properly review the card in the states. Someone, who like the guys over at hardocp.com, have always prided themselves as being gamers by heart and as such know what gamers need apart from long benchmark bards.