• and GF110s real name is: GF100B (and who guesses what GF114 is?)

    Seems like Charlie D. was right after all - at least with regard to GF110 being really a GF100B. That's the impression you get when trying to flash a new BIOS onto your brand new Geforce GTX 580 with the BIOS flash tool called nvflash.exe.

    The --list command shows - surprise, surprise - a list of adapters, nvflash thinks are in the system. When you do this, however, the result is as follows:

    Geforce GTX 580 with GF100B

    PC Games Hardware mentioned this on their german website, as did the programmer of tool Nvidia Inspector in the german 3DCenter Forum also (and already a while ago, it seems).

    Capt'n Obvious Update:
    Of course, the all new GF114 GPU powering the very impressive Geforce GTX 560 Ti is also only the "B"-bump of GF104 as the following picture demonstrates.
    The GF114 GPU on Geforce GTX 560 Ti is GF104B really