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    GPU-Tech.org first and foremost serves a purely educational purpose for myself and hopefully to some of my visitors also. For the time being, I am not doing any advertisement on this site nor am I taking part in any affiliate program whatsoever – there’s no monetary gain or interest involved in this site.

    At GPU-Tech.org, I will focus on the wide field of processing units, thus the name as it stands should not be misinterpreted as only referring to graphics processing units but moreover general processing units – CPUs, GPUs, APUs, SPUs and other processors will be the main focus of this site along with the products based on them. I will also try and provide some retro content – a special interest of mine especially in the area of graphics processing units – before this kind of historical content gets lost in the many redesigns and restarts of the websites that were already around in the mid-to-late nineties.

    There are many websites out there focussing on news and reviews. That is not, what I intend to do here. Surely you’ll see the occasional news items whenever there’s something very interesting happening out there, but in general I’ll try and actually add something original to the internet instead of just needlessly creating more redundancy.

    (Your) English (sucks)/ (why don’t you write in) German?
    As you may have noticed, I am not a native speaker of the english tongue. I do love my native tongue (which is german), yet I have decided to publish (almost) all the information on this website in english, in order to a) have the information served directly to a broader audience without any crooks like online translators and b) to have more exercise in english for myself. So, if there are any mistakes, especially recurring ones, that hurt your eye, feel free to drop me a useful hint in this section of the forums. I appreciate anything new I may be able to learn from all of this!

    Retro Graphics Cards
    I am an avid collector of graphics cards – mostly reference designs or somehow outstanding models that merit the investment (time and money). To not let them rot completely useless in my various cupboards, boxes and the dungeon under the mansion, I’ve decided to put them and all the useful information I could secure, into a separate part of the forums. I hope you’ll enjoy them and maybe some memories they may stir up!

    Legal (or what I think it is)
    All content by GPU-Tech.org is genuine and thus under copyright - reproduction apart from fair use guidelines is prohibited. The nature of the internet relies on the interconnected and easy-for-all accessible information, thus linking to and from website is an integral part of the internet. As part of the internet, GPU-Tech.org is more than happy to receive links along with quotations up to 200 words and one (1) picture (no deep-linking please!). On the other hand, I will be linking to other websites likewise. Since I cannot possibly know and control all the content of the linked and linking websites, I hereby disclaim any warranty as to the correctness, the legality and all other eventualities arising from linking and linked websites.

    Should it come to my attention, that any linked website is offering illegal material and/or services, I will remove the link immediately.

    Since my server is located in germany, german law applies. That means especially but not solely: No fascist stuff (propaganda, ideas and symbols), no hate against people, no porn. In short: Just be nice - thanks!