View Full Version : Article: Graphics Core Next in Radeon HD 7970: A look at instruction issue rates in graphics contexts

28-12-11, 09:18
You can view the page at http://www.gpu-tech.org/content.php/180-Graphics-Core-Next-in-Radeon-HD-7970-A-look-at-instruction-issue-rates

11-02-12, 07:17
Edited some of the grammar to a level that's not letting me look like an idiot as much anymore. :)

11-02-12, 15:12
Can you throw some results with ArchMark on Tahiti? ;)
It probably won't run all the sub-tests, though. AMD OGL code is not very friendly on some old surface formats.

11-02-12, 15:14
Can you throw some results from ArchMark on Tahiti? ;)