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  1. Article: Radeon drivers make their official 2011 debut with Catalyst 11.1 WHQL for al
  2. Article: Catalyst 11.1a hotfix leaks before WHQL goes public and adds a Tessellation
  3. AMD Catalyst Driver 11.5 supports Radeon HD 6790 and brings new Video Control Panel plus 11.5a Hotfix for Brink performance and compatibility
  4. Article: Catalyst 10.12 drivers with OpenGL 4.1, an optional new Control Center and a
  5. Article: Catalyst 11.3 is out and makes OpenCL mandatory, AMD APP SDK now at version
  6. Article: Anisotropic Filtering revisited: Radeon HD 6800 and Geforce 400 series compared
  7. Article: A closer look at the anisotropic filtering of the Radeon HD 5000 series
  8. Article: Catalyst 11.2 WHQL brings MLAA for all DX11 Radeons and new texture optimiza
  9. Article: AMD Catalyst 11.4 WHQL - Mjölnir unleashed (but not for HD 6790…) and a Hotfix for HD 6600 D3
  10. Article: Radeon HD 6990 & Geforce GTX 590: What's the purpose of Crossfire/SLI-on-a-s
  11. Article: GF100 vs. Archmark - 3.51 Triangles per clock
  12. Article: Is GF104/106s superscalar design really an improvement?
  13. Article: Hardware porn: GF100s' naked Die exposed
  14. Article: New Catalyst 10.7 WHQL drivers for Radeon graphics cards are out
  15. Article: GPU-Tech.org is going live
  16. Article: 3D Graphics Benchmark 1997-style: Enter Final Reality v1.1
  17. Article: Catalyst 10.8 WHQL drivers for Radeon graphics cards bring OpenGL ES 2.0 sup
  18. Article: TessMark 0.2.2: How much Tessellation punch does the Geforce GTS 450 have?
  19. Article: AMDs (OpenCL-less) Catalyst 10.9 [+ Hotfix for X2 and Plants vs. Zombies] re
  20. Article: AMD packs (industry's first) official OpenCL 1.1 into Catalyst 10.10 (Update
  21. Article: Anisotropic Texture Filter: An extreme case of optimization
  22. Article: Official Catalyst 10.11 are out - un-recommended for enthusiasts and HD6800 owners
  23. Article: …and GF110s real name is: GF100B (and who guesses what GF114 is?)
  24. Article: „Quality AMD Radeon Graphics means… Play the Game as Originally Intended”
  25. Article: AMD: Ready. Willing. And ...
  26. Article: About/Imprint
  27. Article: AMD Catalyst Driver 11.6 with AMD Steady Video - first fruits from Fusion [Update: hotfixes 11.6a/b support A-Series APUs, resolve blue screens/ BSODs with HDMI/DP]
  28. Article: Road to Southern Islands: AMD has working 28nm-silicon in house, Interlagos 35% faster than Magny Cours
  29. Article: Nvidia supports OpenCL 1.1 with Geforce 280.19 Beta - performance suffers
  30. Article: NDAs and why you should not be part of breaking them
  31. Article: AMD Catalyst Driver 11.7 & AMD APP SDK 2.5 bring double precision for Cypress, AVX for CPUs
  32. Article: Stay in the loop - GPU-Tech webwatch
  33. Article: Nothing's like a fresh and tasty apple
  34. Article: AMD Catalyst Driver 11.8 with Overdrive for Black Edition CPUs, 30% faster MLAA [Update: CAP3 for Max Payne 3]
  35. Article: Do not let Power Management mess up your performance analysis!
  36. Article: Nvidia Geforce 405 apparently not Fermi-based
  37. Article: AMD Catalyst Driver 11.9 WHQL out, 11.10 preview for Battlefield 3 Beta available
  38. Article: Intel unveils more details about Cedar Trail processors Atom D2x00 & N2x00 [Update: Datasheets complete]
  39. Article: Catalyst 11.10 WHQL - First official Battlefield 3 driver for Radeon graphics cards, 11.9 CAP4 still recommended (Updated)
  40. Article: AMD Radeon Driver Catalyst 11.11 WHQL and CAP1 tweaked for Battlefield 3 out, Skyrim-CAP & performance driver to come ASAP
  41. Article: AMD APP SDK 2.6 available for download - first glimpse of OpenCL 1.2 [Update]
  42. Article: Graphics Core Next in Radeon HD 7970: A look at instruction issue rates in graphics contexts
  43. Article: AMD's got an ace up it's sleeve: Tahiti-ASIC probably has 36 CUs/2304 Shaders [Update: Not?]
  44. Article: OpenCL SDK 2013 Beta: Intel got their act together
  45. Article: Intel buys ZiiLABS assets from Creative
  46. Article: Nvidia‘s GK110-GPU is coming to a Geforce near you
  47. Article: Windows 10 drivers for old graphics cards